Who is The Mad Wet Hen? Is it the shy, unassuming Boston terrier,  Spivey Tightflanks? Or Ms. Francine Moneypenny, the knowledgeable schnauzer mix? It could be Germaine Wheedlehammer, Trusty Beagle, though she never gets mad and doesn't mind being wet. How about that rogue, Waffles McDoogleschnorten, who likes to wear red? Or perhaps it's the biggest boondoggler of them all in this Gallery of Rogues, that doberman / German shepherd / bull terrier mix, The Jackal?


The Mad Wet Hen is a combination of all of these, in the human form of LM Horstman (when writing for the big kids) and Lisa Horstman (when writing for the little ones).


The Mad Wet Hen has been creating books since 1994, and has been an art director since 1988. She is the author/illustrator of seven books, with more on the way, and has illustrated bunches more for other writers.


She grew up on an Ohio farm and now lives in Tennessee, where she learned all sorts of wonderful Southern sayings. One of her favorites is "madder than a wet hen."



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